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The Te Araroa is a "trail," perhaps more accurately described as a route, through all of New Zealand. Some of the route is roadwalking, some through private property, and some on New Zealand's famous tracks. The trail starts at the Northern or Southernmost tip of the two islands that makeup the country -- Bluff on the South Island and Cape Reinga on the North Island.


The Southern Sierra High Route is an extension of Steve Roper's original Sierra High Route. Created by a few other hikers, it adds about 100 miles to the original route. This route travels across amazing landscapes in the Sierran Nevada mountains. It traverses some of the highest peaks in the range and passes through stunning basins.

The Low 2 High Route was developed by Brett Tucker and walks from Badwater Basin (-282 ft) in Death Valley National Park to the top of Mt. Whitney (14,494 ft). The route traverses over Telescope Peak, through Desert Canyons, and into the Sierras.  Click for more information!

Our trip through the Olympic National Park was something that we planned on our own and is not an official route by any means. We traversed south to north and then north to south across the park passing by Mount Olympus, Hurricane Ridge, and through other obscure (i.e. bushwhacky) parts of the Olympic Range in Washington State. 

The Sierra High Route is an off trail route through the Sierra Nevada mountain range that was researched and developed by famous climber and historian Steve Roper. This route travels through some of the most amazing and beautiful places in the Sierra. It is one of the longest (if not the longest) trail/route that does not pass a road in the lower 48.