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Pre- Trip Planning & Logistics

Because we did the Andrew Skurka version of the Wind River High Route -- we will not go into great detail. He outlines many of the questions you will have in his resource bundle. Either way, here is some information on how we did it -- if thats of interest to you.


Transportation & Direction 

We shuttled a vehicle to our ending trailhead because we had two vehicles. There are multiple options for shuttle services that Skurka outlines in his bundle. We followed the route description from south to north, since its the way the resources were written.

Maps and Other Resources

The Skurka maps and route information are extremely useful. Its obvious he put a lot of time into noting helpful information for hikers. We printed ours on 8.5 by 11 paper in color and that worked well. 


Its likely the best option to plan on doing this route in one food “carry.” There aren't any great options for resupplying unless you want to put some serious effort towards walking out to a trailhead. We carried 8 days of food which felt heavy, but made it possible for us to go a “leisurely” pace of 12 miles per day. 


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