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Our Trip Report


We embarked on the Colorado Trail without planning too many of the details. One very convenient aspect of this trail is that you can hike it without sending any resupply boxes. So, we literally just bought the Colorado Trail Databook and started walking a few days later. 


Since we did not send any boxes, below is a table of our resupply locations and how we got off and back on the trail.

Here is a table of where we resupplied and on what days:

Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 11.35.23

Day to Day Breakdown

Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 11.17.33

High Moments

The San Juans.

This area was by far one of our favorite sections. Its such a vast and expansive landscape and there is incredible trail the whole way through. Its a place we definitely want to come back to. 


Aspens in Silverton.

When we hiked the Colorado Trail, autumn was fully on its way. This made for some amazing fall colors. Specifically, in Silverton, CO the colors were magnificent. Because we were nearing the end of our journey and the colors were so stunning, this area stands out as a highlight of the trip. 


Challenging Moments

Snow in the Collegiates.

During our trip, we had to wait out a snow storm in Leadville, CO. We ended up heading out a bit too early after the storm, and spent a few days snow camping in the Collegiate section of the trail. This posed challenges with staying warm -- especially post-holing through deep snow on a few difficult sections of trail. 


Heat During the First Week.

Unfortunately, many parts of the West are often in drought conditions. Our first week on the Colorado Trail was hot and there wasn't much water. We would have given anything to jump in a lake, but all we found were trickling or ankle deep creeks. We were challenged by these conditions during the first week of trail.


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