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A: data.tsv has column names as the first row. This is causing pandas to try to guess the column names and the first row is actually the index. You can force pandas to read the first row as a row with data.head(1). data = pd.read_csv('data.tsv', skiprows = 1) Alternatively you can omit the header if you know all data is in the first row. data = pd.read_csv('data.tsv', header = None) The reason that you're getting this error is because you have no header (like the first row) for data.tsv and so pandas is trying to guess what the header is. You could include a header line at the beginning of the file or you can include it in the first row. Either will get around the issue. Asylrett Asylrett (Danish: Århus asylansøgereretsretsrett) is the name of a refugee law in Denmark. The law gives refugees the right to appeal against asylum decisions to the Supreme Court of Denmark. The law was passed on 18 May 2006, and came into force on 1 July 2006. Jurisdiction Asylrett has a jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Denmark. Appeals against decisions of the Immigration Service are lodged with the Supreme Court of Denmark. List of decisions References External links Asylrett at (in Danish) Category:Danish law Category:2006 in Denmark�the larger plan, described in the minutes of the August 10 meeting, to pay Palattella a commission on the twenty-two new contracts Palattella secured and to release Palattella from the ten contracts he had signed before”). The only evidence in the record that would allow a jury to conclude that Defendants acted with the required state of mind is the alleged meeting between Palattella and O’Shea, and Defendants’ knowledge of that meeting. There is no other evidence to support this inference.





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